Name:Dr. Yao
Home:Kunming, China

Bruce and Karen Borgie 1997

Areas of interest: early detection of Parkinsonís, How speech is affected in Parkinsonís disease.

We met Dr. Yao through the Hospital in Kunming. After going to the hospital with our guide Mr. Ma we asked about Parkinsonís disease and we were referred to Dr. Yao.

Dr. Yao is a mother, a wife, and is currently doing specialty studies in Parkinsonís disease. She chose to study Parkinsonís disease because she really likes the patients. Her current areas of research include advanced recognitions of Parkinsonís and speech and Parkinsonís disease.

She encourages her patients to play games and especially poker to keep there brains sharp and their fingers dexterous.

She cited a study in 1986 of 6 major cities in China. As a result of the surveys they found that 70-90 years was peak age for Parkinsonís Disease. Also, per 3,000,000 people 171.9 have Parkinsonís. Average age of Diagnosis was 55 years.