Name:Victor Zawin
Home:Maymyo, Myanmar

Victor and family
Victor and family

Victor has struggled with the effects of Parkinsonís since he was 22 as tremors began to occur starting in 1977. The story starts in 1972 when he was hit by a car while traveling on his bicycle. H suffered a large lesion in is head and 5 years later his hands started tremoring.

Despite the accident and ensuing problems Victor went on to achieve a BA in Mathematics in Myanmar and eventually put in 12 years of service at metal foundry until toxic gas inhalation affected his performance and forced him to retire.

After leaving the foundry he has dedicated his life to the teachings of Islam and has become an Islamic teacher and tutor. He has 12 students and teacbes about 18-20 hours a week. He also owns a hardware store.

Although his is able to ride a bicycle, as this is his main mode of transportation to and from his school, he has trouble with some of the more basic needs in life. His daughter and son help tremendously as he has trouble eating and biting. His daughter, Chaweiei, demonstrated how she puts a straw in his glass and holds it for him while he drinks.

He is truly thankful for the support of his family, as without them he could have never been able to accomplish what he has without their support.