Name: Dr. Jithanorm
Organization: Thailand Parkinsonís Disease Society
Home: Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Jithanorm and Todd Borgie, 2004

Dr. Jithanorm and Mr. WutsichayThailand Parkinsonís Disease Society (TPDS) has been set up as a way to educate doctors and patients about Parkinsonís Disease. It is estimated that more than 60-70,000 people in Thailand have Parkinsonís Disease, however, usually only the educated seek a diagnosis. Dr. Boongird a neurologist in Thailand would like everyone to know that Parkinsonís is a treatable disease. However, Dr. Jithanorm, the current president of the TPDS, would like to emphasis the fact that treatment for Parkinsonís disease, is not just taking medicine, it is exercising as well. Dr. Boongird has practiced neurology in Thailand, the United States and Canada, he says he would much rather have Parkinsonís in Thailand than in most other places, as the close family relationships in Thailand ensure a better quality of life.

Drive Around the World also met with Dr. Jithanorm, the President of Thailand Parkinsonís Disease Society. Every Thursday she sees patients so we had the opportunity to take to her and a couple of her patients Mr. Nikorn, Mr wutsichay, and Mr Asawain. Like their doctor each one commented on how important it was to cheer up and exercise in order to maintain your physical strength. Dr. Jithanorm was also pleased to announce that the first successful Deep Brains Stimulation (DBS) had been completed in Thailand during the week of July 25 2004