"She tries her best to keep up"

Name: Sudesh
Home: Delhi, India
Date of Birth: 1970
Date of Visit: Sept/04
Parkinson's Status: Patient
Major Symptoms: Tremor, stiffness

Sudesh and Todd Borgie, 2004
Sudesh and Todd Borgie, 2004

Being a young mother with Parkinson's disease is not easy anywhere, but a being a young woman with Parkinson's Disease in India offers great challenges. Sudesh was diagnosed with Parkinson's at age of 22; it began with her right hand tremoring and now has affected her sleep habits, her body with stiffness, and her ability to complete the multiple chores of a mother, a daughter and a wife.

Not much is known about Parkinson's in the smaller communities in India, and response to a woman with a tremor is not often welcoming. In her community all that the people know is that her hand wiggles and she moves more slowly than people of her age. She experiences frustration, at the lack of patience of those around her, but she doesn't quite know what she should do about problem. She tries her best to keep up and get everything done, but many times she just can't complete what is expected of her.

To talk about this disease, might leave her ostracized from the village as ignorance and fear lead to rumors of how contagious the disease is. Although she did not know anyone with the disease when she was diagnosed, she is convinced that here mother and her aunt (her father's sister) have the disease.

Although she experiences a fair amount of anxiety from the disease, she tries to relax by reading and watching TV and movies when the opportunities arise.