"One step from it all being over"

Name: Pradeep Tandon
Home: Delhi, India
Date of Visit: Sept/04
Parkinson's Status: Patient
Diagnosed: 1995
Major Symptoms: Rigidity

Pradeep Tandon, 2004
Pradeep Tandon, 2004

Pradeep Tandon had never heard of Parkinson's Disease when he was diagnosed in 1995. All he knew at the time was that he couldn't stretch his hand like he used to. He also noticed when he was driving his scooter; he would veer toward the right. After seeing a neurologist it was determined that he had Parkinson's Disease.

As he read about the disease, despair overtook him, until one day he resolved to put an end to it all. He climbed up on top a tall building and was ready to jump. What popped into his head saved his life.

The wife of his brother-in-law was alone in the world. Her husband had died and she had struggled to get by. Without her husband's earnings she did not have a many choices. Pradeep imagined her struggles, as he inched toward the edge. Then, as he got closer he imagined his wife, struggling as a result of his actions, and then he imagined his two children. He backed away from the edge and eventually came down the stairs to the ground.

He is proud of his choice, but the battle has not been easy. He still finds it difficult meeting people and family. When he was asked to give advice to other people with Parkinson's Disease he says, "Forget that you are suffering from Parkinson's disease, the moment you think more, it stresses your brain, be optimistic and positive. Enjoy your life".