Name: Dr. George Mellick
Date of Visit: April/04
Home: Brisbane, Australia
Hospital Princess Alexandra Hostpital
Major areas of interest: How drugs affect the brain

Dr. George Mellick
Dr. George Mellick, 2004

Dr. George Mellick is an enthusiastic neurologist who works at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. Having no other connection with Parkinson's, he was first inspired by Dr. Langston's research in how drugs affect the brain. Now he is a passionate neurologist working towards a cure.

He says the biggest obstacle is funding. They receive very little government assistance. In the next five years, he would like to see a nationwide prevalence study done to actually see how this disease is affecting the nation. Currently, it is the second most common neurological disease, the first being Alzheimer's. One of the biggest challenges is accurately diagnosing the condition and getting a realistic view of how many people it actually affects. An interesting fact that he offered was Parkinson's disease has a higher incidence in rural and remote areas than it does in urban areas.