Name: Dr. Sichanh Himpaphanh
Home: Luang Prabang, Laos

Dr. Sichanh Himpaphanh and Assistant, 2004

It is not always easy to find Parkinsonís patients in a developing country. In Laos, according to a UN study, life expectancy is about 61 years for females and 57 for males; this is up considerably from 52 and 50 years respectively in 1995. Most people with Parkinsonís are diagnosed with it when they are 60 or older. Parkinsonís pales in comparison to this nations urgency to find solutions for Malaria, Dengue, TB and leprosy, or the leading cause of injury in the country, which is, unexploded bombs.

Still Drive Around the World searched for Parkinsonís patients. After searching several different hospitals in the Luang Prabang area, the beautiful former capital of this mountainous country. Finally, we came across Dr. Sichanh Himpaphanh, the director of the Chinese Hospital in Luang Prabang. Initially he wasnít aware of anybody with Parkinsonís at his hospital, but he agreed to look it to it and meet me a few days later.

When I returned we searched the computer database only to find one patient with Parkinsonís Disease in the area. Although we were unable to contact the patient, yet we found the doctor who made the diagnosis Dr. Phayvanh Keopaseuth, we are currently awaiting details on his diagnosis.