"New techniques and new hope with Parkinson's Disease"

Name: Dr. Alok Grupta
Home: Delhi, India
Date of Visit: Sept/04
Organization: www.parkinsonindia.org

Dr. Alok Grupta and Todd Borgie, 2004
Dr. Alok Grupta and Todd Borgie, 2004

Dr. Alok Grupta is a dynamic doctor who is thoroughly excited about the possibilities of Deep Brain Stimulation with Parkinson's patients. His career, although not officially, began the day he met someone with Parkinson's disease. This man had a terrible tremor. Later, after that person had undergone a pallindotomy, the tremor was large amount reduced. The connection between the brain and the body fascinated him and ultimately led him on a path to become a neurosurgeon.

His enthusiasm and high energy has led him all around India, informing people about Parkinson's Disease and the different drugs and therapies that can improve the quality of life for people with Parkinson's Disease. Not only does he conduct educational seminars, and surgeries, he is committed to helping as many people as he can that are suffering from this disease.

His web site gives further information on his projects and also gives personal profiles of those who have benefited from his services. For more information about The Parkinson's