"A Drive Around the World founding father"

Name: Bruce Borgie
Home: San Gabriel, California USA
Age: 65
Parkinson's Status: Patient
Diagnosed 2001
Major Symptoms: Stiffness, balance and slowness

Bruce and Karen Borgie
Bruce and Karen Borgie 1997

Bruce Borgie of San Gabriel, CA was no stranger to Parkinsonís Disease when he was diagnosed with it, back in Feb. 2001in Pasadena, CA, his aunt (maternal) had it, and although his father was never diagnosed with it, there was strong suspicion that he might have had it as well. Bruce is father of Drive Around the World team member Todd Borgie and has been a huge inspiration for Drive Around the World since the founding of the organization.

Bruce first felt the signs of Parkinsonís as the disease began affecting his gait. Also, family member would watch as he stiffly folded himself into the drivers of the car, these symptom faded away after his diagnosis (in Pasadena) and the starting of his daily medication.

During the day you can see Bruce puttering in his garden, playing his accordion or doing a crossword puzzles. He is trying to stay active in order to slow the progress of the disease. As the disease has progressed he notices himself physically weaker and understands that he has to take extra care to maintain his balance and speech.

Although the physical symptoms are difficult to deal with, one of his biggest concerns is over what disabilities might present themselves in the future.

He would like to thank all of the Doctors and scientists who are working very hard to find a cure.