"There are many different ways
to treat Parkinson's disease, let no stone be unturned."

Name:Dr. Maduri Behari
Home:Dehli, India
Date of Visit: Sept/04
Diagnosed: 2001
Neurologist: Dept. Head AIIMS Hospital

Dr. M. Behari and Todd Borgie
Dr. M. Behari and Todd Borgie, 2004

There are many people who know about Parkinson's Disease in India. Studies show that 150-160 out of 100,000 people suffer from this disease. Also, there is a community known as the Parsi community where these numbers are double! Although researchers have been able to identify this community, they haven't been able to identify the reasons that cause this anomaly. Dr. David Brasad Parkinson's specialist in training, claims there are increasing numbers of Parkinson's cases in India each year.

Dr. M. Behari is a generous woman. She offered her time to talk to us about Parkinson's Disease in India, and offers her time and leadership to the Parkinson's Community in Dehli, India. She is the head neurologist at the All India Instiute of Medicine (AIIMS) and a leader of the organization PRAN (Parkinsonisms and Related Disorders awareness network) whose goal it is to encourage people to learn and understand Parkinson's Disease, current membership is about 200.

Although her father tried to push her into the field of cardiology, she fought her way into the field of neurology. Many people are thankful for her tenacity as she runs a weekly clinic on Saturdays. The clinic is manned by 14 doctors who attend to more than 200 patients each week.

Particular areas of interest: looking for the genes which influence Parkinson's Disease, Dementia studies, Care giver burden, and alternative Therapies- Ayurveda and kampavetta (Massage oils, herbs root for relief of symptoms)