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Drive Around the World Donates Land Rover Gear to Local Charity
New items to help Baker Places clients along road to recovery

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (October 8, 2003)-The building, with its brick façade, lofts, and industrial architecture, was like most near San Francisco’s transit station-almost completely devoid of a place to park.

Most of the onlookers staring at the expedition-outfitted Land Rover Certified, Pre-Owned Discovery appeared impressed as they struggled to read the Drive Around the World logos emblazoned on the side panels, but none were in a hurry to vacate their parking space.

Two representatives of Drive Around the World’s LONGITUDE Expedition team, Justin Mounts and Nancy Olson, were there to deliver a Disco-ful of Land Rover Gear clothing to Baker Places ( on behalf of the team. (“Disco” is insider slang for Discovery). Mounts had been searching the internet for a charitable organization that could really use the clothing, and he found his answer in Baker Places.

“I called a couple of organizations searching for a perfect fit, and, when I got hold of Pablo Bravo, I knew we had a match,” said Mounts. “To me, it was very important to work with a local organization. There are hundreds of small non-profit organizations that work day after day to improve the quality of peoples’ lives, but here is an organization that has been around for nearly four decades helping the people of the Bay Area.”

Baker Places is a community leader in providing social rehabilitation and housing options for people who are struggling with mental and psychological illness, chemical addictions, and, since the ‘80's, HIV/AIDS. The organization offers places for people to learn new skills by living with others in a safe, supportive, homelike environment. These are places where people can prepare to live independently with staff and peer support, places where people can recover their lives.

“I chose to work with Baker Places specifically because of the number of different community programs they offer. I was most impressed with their focus on helping people move from welfare situations to full employment. The courage demonstrated by these people is amazing, and the Baker staff is equally so. How many of us can say that every day we make a difference in someone’s life?” said Mounts.

Land Rover gave the stockpile of clothing to the LONGITUDE team to help outfit them for their around-the-world expedition, with the intent that the remainder be donated to an appropriate charity.

“We remain focused on our single beneficiary, which is the Parkinson’s Institute, but this opportunity came about thanks to our premier sponsor, and we were proud to make the delivery,” said Olson. “This project has a way of reminding us, every day, how fortunate we are to be a part of this expedition.”

Baker Places is located at 310 Townsend Street, Suite 400, in San Francisco. To find out more about their programs or how you can make a contribution, call 415-546-9946 or email them at

Established in 2002, with headquarters in Los Gatos California, Drive Around the World is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to inspire a sense of adventure and the tradition of exploration, encouraging people to actively learn about our world and creatively act to understand the humanitarian and environmental problems we face.

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